Radiation dosage distribution in area room CT scan multi slice 64 to dose limit value

  • Ni Nyoman Ratini Universitas Udayana, Denpasar, Indonesia
  • I Made Yuliara Universitas Udayana, Denpasar, Indonesia
  • Ni Luh Putu Trisnawati Universitas Udayana, Denpasar, Indonesia
Keywords: CT scan 64, dosage rate, dose limit value, multi-slice, radiation


An analysis of the distribution of radiation doses in the area of ??CT Scan Multi-Slice 64 has been carried out in Sanglah Hospital Denpasar. The study was conducted by dividing the area around the room into 8 regions and paths that indicate the distance from the wall to the surveillance. Measurements were made at several points at intervals of 1 m. Each point is taken three times the data collection. From the results of the distribution analysis it was found that there was an increase in the radiation dose rate to the Dose Limit Value (DLV) with a significance level below 0.05 occurring in region C with an average dose rate of 142.32 µSv/h, region E with an average value of an average of 111.36 µSv/h and area D with an average value of 40.68 µSv/h which has a value above the DLV. Whereas the value of the dose rate of other regions is below the DLV. Areas with a 25 cm transverse brick type barrier wall that has a 2 m window above have an average dose rate of 129.55 µSv/h, a 5 cm wooden door with a 2 mm Pb layer has an average dose rate of 67, 91 ?Sv/h.


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