Verification of dosage and radiation delivery time breast cancer (Mammae Ca) with ISIS TPS

Sanglah Hospital Denpasar

  • Gusti Ngurah Sutapa Physics of Udayana University Bali, Indonesia
  • I Made Yuliara Physics of Udayana University Bali, Indonesia
  • Ni Nyoman Ratini Physics of Udayana University Bali, Indonesia
Keywords: ISIS TPS, Verification, Radiotherapy, Breast Cancer, Isodoses Curve


Cancer was a disease caused of the abnormal growth of cells of body tissue turned to the cancer cells. For its development, these cancer cells can spread to other parts of the body, therefore, they can be the cause of the death. Cancer was a general term for all types of malignant tumors. It was one of the diseases required radiation therapy, namely breast cancer (mamma ca), wherein the breast cancer was the second type of cancer that causes of the death after cervical cancer for women. Radiotherapy was a cancer therapy used radiation sources at aiming to shrink and kill cancer cells as much as possible through the provision of the measured radiation doses on the tumor volume/target as well as to minimize the effects of the radiation on the healthy tissue around the tumor. The purpose of verification was to determine the suitability between the dose and time of irradiation of the radiation received by the patient with the radiation dose and irradiation time planned, thus, as not to experience a shortage or excess dosage and radiation irradiation time. The measurement of the dose and radiation irradiation time using constant Source to Surface Distance (SSD) techniques. The section handling the problem of the cancer therapy at Sanglah Hospital was in the Radiotherapy section of Radiology Installation. It was equipped with various medical support equipment, i.e, ISIS polling stations that conform to standard standards. The ideal dose criteria based on the isodoses curve was 95% minimal and 107% maximum about the target. The dose distribution was homogeneous. If the target dose has covered 100% then it can be stated that the plan was optimal. The verification of the dosage and time with ISIS TPS was in accordance with the Republic of Indonesia Minister of Health Regulation No. 363/Menkes/Per/IV/1998.


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