Gonoarthrosis in former athletes treated which regenerative therapy and therapeutic exercise program



  • Lisbey Naranjo Abad Provincial Center of Sports Medicine, Santiago de Cuba, Cuba
  • Viviana Romero Vidal Provincial Center of Sports Medicine, Santiago de Cuba, Cuba
  • Hilda Rosa Rabilero Sabatés University of the Orient, Santiago de Cuba, Cuba


exercises, former athletes, knee joint, osteoarthrosis, regenerative therapy


Osteoarthritis, or wear and tear of the knee joint, is a cause of sports trauma, affecting a large number of the population of former athletes in the province. The therapeutic alternative to gonoarthrosis exatlets implanted with regenerative therapy and rehabilitative exercises is applied to this sports-practicing population with balls. The assessment of variables, in responses to treatment implemented in the exathletes, was carried out over 6 months, where bilateral thigh atrophy prevailed over unilateral atrophy, to lesser degree atrophy of the affected thighs was presented after treatment with the applied therapeutic exercise program. 71.4% showed recovery of muscle strength with grade 5 (normal) muscle notes for the muscle group of knee flexor poplites, and 85.7% with grade 5 (normal) muscle notes for the femoral or crural quadriceps muscle group, which are involved in the extension of the knees. With the application of this exercise alternative in former athletes with gonoarthrosis treated with regenerative therapy, more than 70% showed recovery of the variables studied.


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