Laterality and pre-reading processes at an early age


  • Liza María Cedeño Cedeño Instituto Superior Tecnológico Paulo Emilio Macías, Portoviejo, Ecuador
  • Telly Yarita Macías Zambrano Instituto Superior Tecnológico Paulo Emilio Macías, Portoviejo, Ecuador
  • Julio César Zevallos Rengifo Instituto Superior Tecnológica Paulo Emilio Macías, Portoviejo, Ecuador
  • Karla Mercedes Mendoza Loor Instituto Superior Tecnológica Paulo Emilio Macías, Portoviejo, Ecuador


development, early ages, early stimulation, laterality, pre-reading


Preschool ages are vital to the processes related to the acquisition and consolidation phases of defined laterality in children who will take advantage of this dimension to obtain favorable results in their academic performance and neuropsychological development. In this research, we intend to analyze the relationship between laterality at an early age and the construction of pre-reading processes through application programs and specific tests (such as the Martin Lobo adapted test); The sample of the same corresponds to 10 children attending the Children's Center of Good Living "Caritas Felices". In conclusion, it managed to demonstrate the impact of stimulation on interhemispheric interconnection and pre-reading processes. As part of the intervention program, both educators of the children's center and parents pledged to participate in a laterality training program in order to prevent and intervene in subsequent neuropsychological problems.


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Cedeño, L. M. C., Zambrano, T. Y. M., Rengifo, J. C. Z., & Loor, K. M. M. (2019). Laterality and pre-reading processes at an early age. International Journal of Health Sciences, 3(3), 44-54.



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